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Virtual Classroom

Students from low-income backgrounds usually lack opportunities to engage deeply with their syllabus beyond the curriculum. Ek Kadam Aur Foundation’s Virtual Classroom program connects high-school students in India and Nepal with global subject matter experts and college faculty for regular classroom lectures via video conferencing. Ek Kadam Aur Foundation handpicks these schools, where students’ families fall below a specified minimum income threshold. 

Computer Lab

Children from low-income families usually attend schools that lack computers and technology. With the world increasingly becoming more connected and digital, Ek Kadam Aur Foundation wants to ensure that no child is left behind when it comes to digital literacy. The Foundation provides laptops and computer training to students within the school premises to develop their digital acumen.



In rural schools, where the quality of education is low and after-school tuitions are a challenge given financial hardships, training young adults as teachers can help fill a void in children’s education. Ek Kadam Aur Foundation’s Train the Trainer Program is a training and support program which equips high school graduates and college students with the tools necessary to teach, improve student performance, classroom management, and encourages parental involvement.


Inculcating love for books and reading is critical to the holistic development of every child. Rural schools are often under-resourced and don’t have libraries or a collection of books that engage children. By setting up libraries in schools, Ek Kadam Aur Foundation aims to fill this gap. The Foundation provides the infrastructure as well as books for the Library. This program is running in 2 school in Uttar Pradesh.


This program helps infusing critically ambitious and independent thinking among students at early stage. It engages student in collaborations and gives an opportunity to explore business skills leading them to think out of the box!

Interns and Fellows

A unique program for university student, combining scholarship along with an opportunity to work in a diverse, multicultural environment and conduct the impact and performance assessment of our programs on schools and students.

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Success Stories

Anusha Thapa - Student
Class- 10th, EPS School, Kathmandu, Nepal

"I got an amazing experience from EKA virtual classroom program which turned me into a more confident and composed person. As a result of EKA Entrepreneurship Class, I can now open-up with new people and negotiate with them easily, which is a basic character of any business people. It developed in me a gradual interest towards business as earlier I thought it was not my cup of tea. I thank the EKA Team and members of virtual class for such a great opportunity."

Navnita Shah - Student
Class- 10th, N.K Singh Memorial School
Kathmandu Nepal.

"EKAF provided us with a life-changing platform which taught us various things. In the virtual classes we were encouraged to clarify our doubts with different activities. Entrepreneurship classes by Liz Goldenberg was fascinating, as it taught us how to develop a business plan. I am happy that my business plan on manufacturing mall bags made it to the lists of finalists. I encourage future students to become a part of this learning journey."

Bhagya Sri Lakshmi - Student
Class- 10th, Class of 2020
Ramakrishna Mission High School, Sitanagaram

"The students benefited immensely from the combined lectures on communication and entrepreneurship. It improved my communication skills. The speakers clarified our doubts with patience. E-speakers like Apurva Kushare, Dr. Liz Goldenberg and Sri Parth Bhatnagar helped us to learn many new things beyond our academic books. Everyday we were excited to attend classes and got guidance on what and how to study. I am thankful to the EKAF team and the management of our school for this life changing opportunity.

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