Our Story

For the students of the government primary school at Panhar, the last two years  have been fascinating as well as rewarding. From smart classrooms, to extra computer  training lessons, to activities such as acting, music, and tree plantation, the school has  changed the way it interacts with students. The students at government primary school in Jhawar Ka Purva have been taught Hindi, English, Mathematics and Science for over 3.5 years. The credit for these initiatives goes to EKAF.   

In a short span of time, the organization has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of  students and established a significant presence in India. 

For its partner primary schools, EKAF funds stationary, library, and equipment for smart  classrooms (like computers, camera, and projector), and has appointed representatives  who teach Hindi, English, Mathematics, and Computers throughout the school year and  cultivate leadership skills in students through extracurricular activities.   

EKAF has also been working with high school and undergraduate students, who teach  junior students. Under its ‘Train the Trainer’ program, EKAF offers them an opportunity to learn  new skills as well as scholarships to pay for their own tuition.   

“EKAF is not just for students, it aims to work with teachers who are open to their growth through the development of new skills and abilities,” says Dr. Tripathi. “In addition to  working with students and teachers, EKAF is looking forward to working with school  dropouts to help them learn skills and trades that can earn them a livelihood.”


Little humans. Big ideas. Blank canvases. Animated futures.

Ek Kadam Aur Foundation (EKAF) represents Dr Satish Tripathi’s vision for children and students – the citizens of tomorrow. It’s a vision of a world where every child is loved and respected, the ones who are underprivileged and underserved today. It’s a hope of a world where every child enjoys complete, uninterrupted rights and opportunities with free access to quality education, skill training and healthcare. EKAF envisions a world of genuine freedom of thought and speech where every child is free to be a child, lives in dignity and has a hope for the future.


Little humans. Resilient. Secure. Potent.

“It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.” This belief affirms our intentions and strengthens our mission. A child is like a flower bud in transition who, under the right conditions, can withstand the forces of nature. EKAF works with the vulnerable children to make them resilient, ensuring that they have the opportunities to become secure in their ecosystem and reach their full potential when they finally bloom.


Ek Kadam Aur Foundation (EKAF) believes that education is a powerful tool in helping children to reach their full potential. We aspire for change and growth, meaning we capitalize on providing positive change in our community and gain personal and professional growth.


To support e-learning at schools in remote areas by providing Virtual Interactive Class facility and e-faculty from all over the world in real time.To improve health and well-being at the level of community and villages through knowledge sharing: (a) at the grassroots level (b) via funding inter-institutional exchange programs for graduate students in public service from India and the United States.To encourage children to have confidence and motivation and means to make the world a better place for themselves and for those around them.To continuously seek approaches and strategies for working with children in their efforts and struggles in protecting their rights.

Our Team


Our staff members are dedicated team players who bring energy, ideas and pride to their work. We all aspire for a positive change and growth.


Entrepreneurship bootcamp feedback from the teacher coordinator – Ms. Ramya Neeharika, Ramakrishna Mission School, Visakhapatnam, India

“Ek Kadam Aur has provided a boost to my teaching passion. I loved interacting with Virtual Class students as they are so intelligent, receptive and eager to learn. I would love to continue my journey with EKA and contribute to students achieving their dreams. I am thankful to EKA team for the opportunity to impart my knowledge for such a useful purpose.”

“Future of the society depends on how we educate our children today, and that in turn is our collective responsibility. EKA is providing an opportunity for children to connect with the world and root up what they are looking for. I thank to the team EKA for not shying away from doing what they do best”.

“I felt a connection with the students while teaching High School Leadership Virtual Class by Ek Kadam Aur Foundation. I found students to be highly energetic and intelligent. I was impressed by their sharp and intuitive questions. I could feel how strong EKA is building students’ confidence by introducing global standards. A great effort towards community!”

“My experience has been very accomplishing and overwhelming, the way the classes are planned and executed and seeing all the great leaders and expertise of their own fields coming together and imparting knowledge is just commendable.”

“Virtual classroom is a very good idea. It helps the children to learn on topics of relevance from knowledgeable people working in those areas. I enjoyed very much working with Ek Kadam Aur. I specifically liked interacting with students at the High-school level and talking about some basic concepts that will be of use to them.”

“Working with ‘Ek Kadam Aur’ foundation gives me the opportunity to connect with kids virtually even if they are really far from me. Frankly speaking, even if it was my first virtual class, the kids has touched my heart in a very special way and I could see the curiosity to learn new things and humbleness in them. Education surely is one of the most vital tools to fight poverty and I firmly believe that education is at the root of the bright future of every child. I know that ‘Ek Kadam Aur’ is putting its best effort in that process. I am grateful to be a part of it and I will continue giving my best efforts. Let me wish you all the best for your most valuable work.”