Working with Ek Kadam Aur is an invaluable experience for me!

My name is Indrayud Biswas Mandal, and I am presently pursuing graduate studies at MIT in the Systems Design and Management program. During Summer 2020, I was working on the “Technology Project for the Visually Impaired” with the Ek Kadam Aur Foundation in conjunction with MISTI-India. The aim was to research economically feasible assistive technologies and apps that could be used by visually challenged students to bring them on the same par as non-visually challenged students. With the prevalence of technology in daily lives as well as the spike in technology related jobs, it is essential to provide these students with the skills which can ease their transition for education to a professional environment.

Life as a Strategy and Impact Fellow at Ek Kadam Aur 

Hello! My name is Mercedes Riley and I recently graduated from MIT with degrees in Cognitive Science and Philosophy. I’ve had the pleasure to work at Ek Kadam Aur as a Strategy and Impact Fellow for the past six months, and through this position I have been able to follow through on my passion for education and social impact.

What I have loved the most about working at Ek Kadam Aur are the people and their focus on a mission that is greater than themselves. I was lucky to meet colleagues from around the world, and work simultaneously with team members from California to Chicago to New York to Boston to New Delhi to Uttar Pradesh.

Leadership Opportunity to Visually Challenged Through Technology! 

I, Krittika Chakraborty, am a Professional Social Worker. I earned my master’s in social work from Jaiprakash Institute of Social Change, Kolkata. I joined Ek Kadam Aur Foundation (EKAF) as a Fellow in October 2020. 

I always wanted to take up a profession that would enable me to act as catalyst to empower individuals and families to find solutions and pull communities together in a way that fosters their well-being.